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You have a cause close to your heart but how can you support your favourite charity not only today, but in the future?

LEAVE A LEGACY™ promotes the importance and financial benefits of leaving a charitable gift in your will to provide future support to the causes that mean the most to you.

LEAVE A LEGACY™ is a public awareness initiative that aims to bring together professionals and planners to help people become knowledgeable about the many benefits of leaving a gift to a charity through their estate planning process.

Leave Your Legacy

When choosing to leave a gift in your will, you are providing critical financial support to benefit future generations. While realizing tax savings, you can also feel good knowing your gift will have an enormous impact on your community today and tomorrow. Leaving a gift in your will may be one of the most fulfilling decisions you will ever make and it’s easier than you think.

Learn how to start planning your legacy today.

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